Case Study: Caerfai Bay Limited

Caerfai Bay Limited is a Caravan and Tent Park, situated in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Caerfai Bay initially had two PC’s running an on PC booking system. These two PC’s were networked together but were not online, in order to protect the data.

Over the course of several steps we upgraded the systems in phases. The first step was to replenish the PC’s and move to an online booking system. Secondly, a third PC was put in place for the front desk. Thirdly, a shared network drive was put in place to store documents in a central place.

At this point, the ad-hoc network that had been created was beginning to show weaknesses; network bottlenecks had been inadvertently created. The solution was to install a new fixed ethernet network, with network switch, domain controller and file server. This allowed for more secure storage of data, every employee having their own user account for the computers and each user being given access to only the data that they require to do their job. It had the added benefit of centralising the management of the company PCs and facililated more machines and devices being added.

By centralising the management of PC’s and data within the Caerfai Bay network, we have also created a secure backup system which is robust and multi-layered. An onsite backup server takes a snapshot of data each evening and an off-site backup server does the same for disaster recovery purposes. By keeping the backups read-only, the risk of ransomware is mitigated.